So Windy!

Jordan Pond 8 x 10 Oil on Panel (c) 2013 Becky Whight

Jordan Pond
8 x 10
Oil on Panel
(c) 2013 Becky Whight

I went painting with my plein air group on Saturday, November 23. While it was a little chilly, in the upper 30’s, the sun was out in full with barely a cloud in the sky. We had decided to paint at Jordan Pond in Acadia National Park. There is a restaurant here that serves the most wonderful pop-overs. They are well known for having afternoon tea. If you are here in the summer it would be a good thing to put on your “to do” list.

I decided to paint in an area where there was sunshine and still a little barrier of trees from the wind. Definitely a day to weigh the easel down with some rocks. Dressed in layers of clothes and my snowsuit, I was comfortably warm and settled down to some serious painting. We had a glorious hour and a half before the wind started to pick up. Then, as Michael Vermette wrote “I still have this vision of Becky Whight taking her time to apply lip balm at the beginning of her painting only to later set her face like flint into the wind holding her easel with her left hand while painting with the other”. Yes, that’s how it was. We lasted another half hour and decided it was enough.

Late lunch at Geddy’s in Bar Harbor sharing pizzas all around and discussing the day and critiquing our work. Until the next time.

Milk Cans


Milk Cans 6 x 6 Oil on Canvas (c) 2013 Becky Whight

Milk Cans
6 x 6
Oil on Canvas
(c) 2013 Becky Whight

We were traveling to Missouri and were on the back roads in Ohio. There is a big Amish community with some great views of the countryside. I appreciate their lifestyle and took some great photos as we traveled through. Not of the Amish, though, they are against having their pictures taken. One of the photos was a scene of the milk cans waiting for pick up by the side of the road. I did this little 6 x 6 with the cornstalks in the background.

Painting Mount Desert Island

Today I went down to Mount Desert Island to do some painting. Lots of sunshine, mild temps and very little wind made for great painting weather so I thought it would be an easy day. Yes and no!

I like painting when the tide is out as I think you can see more character in the landscape, but low tide wasn’t until late afternoon. I stopped at some of my favorite places and nothing caught my eye. I even wandered the streets of Bar Harbor for an hour, checking out the galleries and trying to decide where to go next. After spending a fruitless morning with nothing to show for it, I decided to head for home.

First, though, I wanted to stop at NE Harbor and see their galleries. Redfield, the one I was most interested in, was closed for the afternoon. My not so good luck was holding. There was still a full harbor of boats, but again, nothing interesting to paint. So home I went.

Upper Hadlock Pond 8 x 10 oil on panel (c) 2013 Becky Whight

Upper Hadlock Pond
8 x 10 oil on panel
(c) 2013 Becky Whight

It was only a mile or so up the road and beautiful Hadlock Pond came into view. A freshwater lake instead of the ocean! Why not–it had everything I was looking for today. Color, texture, but mostly that indescribable feeling when everything clicks into place. It was so energizing painting this scene. Some things are definitely worth waiting for!