January Rain

bent trees

The weather here in Maine had been the worst December I could remember. We had snow, cold, freezing rain (soo much, the poor trees), ice, more snow and then the deep freeze. I felt as if I was in a black hole.

Well, it was time to climb out and what better way than to go out painting with a great group. The weather prediction was a little iffy, maybe some snow, maybe some rain, maybe something else. We believed we could do it so I met up with Michael and Kay at Ellsworth and off we went to Schoodic Peninsula, part of Acadia National Park. Ellsworth had just the lightest of mist but it brightened as we drove along and the sun started to show through the clouds. The waves were deep with lots of spray and the muted light made all the colors brighter and intense. The ocean was a beautiful green, so different than in summer.

We threw on our winter clothes and boots. I was so excited I couldn’t stand still–so happy to be out painting. As I put the brush to my canvas I felt a spattering of rain. Surely this will clear up quickly, I thought, it’s too nice for the day to be ruined. But it didn’t.

Winter Rain, Schoodic 8 x 10 oil (c) 2014 Becky Whight

Winter Rain, Schoodic
8 x 10 oil
(c) 2014 Becky Whight

I just put up the hood on my raincoat and kept at it. So did the rain. Every once in awhile I held my palette upside down and let the rain drip off. It was fantastic–I was still dancing away. Nobody wanted to quit. We put in about two hours before we finally gave up, packed up our supplies and headed off for some lunch.

This is my painting from the day which I titled

“Winter Rain, Schoodic”.

Paint out — Schoodic


Finally getting together with the Connect Group to paint out. Four of us braved the cold today–which felt even colder with the strong winds–to have some fun painting. We knew we were going to Schoodic, at Acadia National Park near Winter Harbor, Maine. It was too windy to set up at the point so we went to a slightly more sheltered spot. The trail, in the snow, was for hikers. It went through the woods, over 6″ timbers and up and down small, but steep, hillocks and we were carrying our painting gear. It might have been cold, but we were sweating. There were a few different spots to set up. I chose to be facing the West Cove where the wind wasn’t so strong. I braved a good 2 hours and then waited with another artist (in a heated truck) for the rest to finish.

Schoodic West Cove 8 x 10 Oil on Panel (c) 2013 Becky Whight

Schoodic West Cove
8 x 10 Oil on Panel
(c) 2013 Becky Whight

We went to the Nautica Pub in Prospect Harbor for lunch and our critiques. We were so energized with the fresh air, walking and painting. We were just delighted with the day. Great camaraderie and a great painting.

Storm at Schoodic

Breaking Thru

Breaking Thru
Oil on Canvas, 24 x 30
(c) 2012 Becky Whight

I needed to stop at Works of Hand, a gallery in Winter Harbor, Maine, and drop off some new paintings. Since Schoodic is just a couple of miles down the road, I decided it would be a good day for some reference material.

The day was gray and very windy, producing some great waves in the ocean. Warning signThe rangers even posted this sign in the hopes that people wouldn’t venture too far out on the rocks and get swept away by a wave (it has happened).

I liked this particular moment when the skies parted and a little slice of sun broke through and lit the ocean with a silvery sheen. It gave me such a feeling of hope. The foreground shows how scraggly the trees are amongst the rocks.