‘Tis the Season

The holiday season is in full force. Relish the goodies, decorate every nook and corner of your home and enjoy the get-togethers. Let the Christmas season fill your home with joy, your heart with love and your life with laughter. May the joy and festivities continue to radiate in your lives, long after Christmas is gone. From my studio to all of you, I want to take the time to wish you

“Merry Christmas and Happy New Year”  

The Christmas Tree 7 x 5 Oil on Panel 2013 (c) Becky Whight

The Christmas Tree
7 x 5 Oil on Panel
2013 (c) Becky Whight

Orono Bog Plein Air

Orono Bog Boardwalk

Orono Bog Boardwalk

Today was a glorious day for painting outside, especially after the last week of rain. Saturday was the scheduled day for painting at the Orono Bog, but as it was pouring rain and very windy we wisely decided to wait. The Plein Air Connect group met at 10 am at the bog parking lot and walked in a half mile or so to the bog boardwalk. It was still windy today so I wanted a spot at the edge of the flat and woods where the wind would be lessened. The bog is still in spring season with little white flowers and flowering grass pink. I did an 8 x 10 of the boardwalk with the trees and vegetation. Click this link for more information on the bog We finished the day at Applebee’s with a discussion and light critique. Saturday we will meet at Belfast Wharf for another energizing day of painting.


Paint out — Schoodic


Finally getting together with the Connect Group to paint out. Four of us braved the cold today–which felt even colder with the strong winds–to have some fun painting. We knew we were going to Schoodic, at Acadia National Park near Winter Harbor, Maine. It was too windy to set up at the point so we went to a slightly more sheltered spot. The trail, in the snow, was for hikers. It went through the woods, over 6″ timbers and up and down small, but steep, hillocks and we were carrying our painting gear. It might have been cold, but we were sweating. There were a few different spots to set up. I chose to be facing the West Cove where the wind wasn’t so strong. I braved a good 2 hours and then waited with another artist (in a heated truck) for the rest to finish.

Schoodic West Cove 8 x 10 Oil on Panel (c) 2013 Becky Whight

Schoodic West Cove
8 x 10 Oil on Panel
(c) 2013 Becky Whight

We went to the Nautica Pub in Prospect Harbor for lunch and our critiques. We were so energized with the fresh air, walking and painting. We were just delighted with the day. Great camaraderie and a great painting.